Wisconsin Transition Conference - Ignite Your Passion! Wisconsin Transition Conference - Ignite Your Passion!

Date: February 16-17, 2023
Location: Kalahari Resort and Convention Center, Wisconsin Dells, WI

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Thursday, February 16, 2023

7:30 am - 8:55 am

Registration/Breakfast/ExhibitsSuites A,B,G,H

9:00 am - 9:10 am

Welcome and IntroductionsSuites A,B,G,H

9:15 am - 10:30 am

Keynote - Daniel SeddiquiiSuites A,B,G,H

10:30 am - 10:45 am

BREAK/ExhibitsSuites A,B,G,H

10:45 am - 11:30 am

Breakout with Daniel SeddiquiiSuites A,B,G,H

11:30 am - 11:50 am

Q & A with Daniel/Pictures and AuthographsSuites A,B,G,H

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm

LUNCH/ExhibitsSuites A,B,G,H

12:35 pm - 1:35 pm

DPI UpdateSuites A,B,G,H

1:40 pm - 2:35 pm

1. Partnering to Raise Capable Young Adults-Regardless of their ChallengesAralia

Presenter: Deborah Winking (Senior Consultant)

Every child & every family is different. But it turns out that parents & caregivers who raise their child to be capable are similar in some very important ways! In this interactive session Dr. Winking shares 12 Capable Parenting Habits(TM) outlined in her upcoming book "Raising Capable Kids-Regardless of the Challenges they Face". She offers real-life stories of the Habits in action & the neuroscience fueling each one. When we support parents in adopting the Habits, the result is--Capable Youth!

Level: Intermediate

2. Implementing a Community-Based Transition ProgramAloeswood

Presenter: Robin Rivard (Transition Coordinator)

Robin Rivard, Transition Coordinator for the Hudson School District, will present how she transformed transition services for students from a high school setting out into the community. Robin has created a fully integrated community experience for all students with disabilities through partnerships with local businesses, DVR, and the school district. Participants will learn how to replicate this type of program in their own districts!

Level: Intermediate

3. On Your Marq support for Neurodivergent College Students Guava

Presenter: Emma Gaffney (Grad Coach, On Your Marq)

On Your Marq is a college success program designed to assist neurodivergent students in navigating the college landscape at Marquette University. The program focuses on students’ transition to the rigors of academia as well as works with students to identify strengths and skills to transfer to life after college. We will share information about our program as well as provide a model for other programs in development. This session will also address the increasing need for similar programs.

Level: Beginner

4. Integrating Health Care Transition Goals in Education PlanningMangrove

Presenters: Tim Markle (Director); Tim Markle (Director)

"Transition" refers to so many things--post-secondary education, employment, a new living situation, a new medical doctor and more. What could it look like if our efforts at achieving a successful transition were integrated? Let's talk about how Health Care Goals can be a part of the IEP. Learn more about the Wisconsin Integrated Transition Planning Project and how you can join in developing models of integrated transition planning. Integrated transition leads to more meaningful life for youth.

Level: Beginner

2:35 pm - 2:45 pm

BREAK/ExhibitsSuites A,B,G,H

2:45 pm - 3:35 pm

5. Collaboration with CTE "Pays Off!"Aralia

Presenter: Amanda Turner (Transition Coordinator)

As part of the CFAUSD mission that "Students will graduate prepared to succeed in post-secondary education and career with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviors necessary to achieve their personal goals and contribute to the common good," collaboration between the CTE and Transition Coordinators has been vital to the growth and development of transition options and support for students with disabilities. Come learn about how communication and collaboration can lead to positive outcomes!

Level: Intermediate

6. Building a Better Beyond 18 Experience Aloeswood

Presenters: Abigail Thompson (18 and Beyond Teacher ); John Peterson (Assistant Superintendent of Special Services); Kathryn Foy (Special Services Coordinator )

Our journey in establishing and then improving a Beyond 18 program experience over the last 5 years. This presentation will include how we began and lessons learned along the way. We will share innovative ideas regarding the evolution of a student driven program including scheduling, community involvement, transition planning, and curriculum development. There will be a discussion opportunity to share ideas, collaborate, and problem solve around Beyond 18 services.

Level: Intermediate

7. Small District, Big Impact: Building a Transition Program for Success!Guava

Presenters: Brandon Mittermeyer (General Education Teacher); Danielle Winchell (Special Education Paraprofessional); Jordan Warner (Special Education Teacher); Kasey Podoll (Special Education Teacher)

Learn how to develop a Transition Program for Students with Disabilities in your building. This presentation will share how our rural Jr./Sr. High School built a Transition Program from scratch to ensure students would be successful with their post-secondary aspirations. An overview of the specific classes and initiatives from our building will be shared, while we will also provide Research-Based, Practical Strategies, and Resources that can be utilized at a school of any size.

Level: Beginner

8. Boost your CCoT Superpowers! Mangrove

Presenters: Alexa Nobis (Community Programs Coordinator); Alicia Reinhard (Statewide Transition and Graduation Consultant/Education Consultant); Brooke Jackson (Employment Specialist ); Megan Acheson (Integrated Employment Coordinator ); Shannon Aylesworth (Accessibility Services Director)

This session is designed for anyone who facilitates or is an active member of a County Community on Transition (CCoT). The session presenters represent the Statewide Community on Transition also known as the WiCoT. During the session, participants will get a chance to network with other CCoT members and gain resources and ideas for ways to boost your local CCoT’s impact and collaboration.

Level: Beginner

Friday, February 17, 2023

7:45 am - 8:55 am

Registration/Breakfast/ExhibitsSuites A,B,G,H

9:00 am - 9:10 am

Welcome and IntroductionsSuites A,B,G,H

9:15 am - 10:15 am

Keynote - Matthew & Mitchell LaBergeSuites A,B,G,H

10:25 am - 11:15 am

9. Career Exploration and Connections for Special Education Students Aloeswood

Presenter: Carol Reed (Director)

Career Exploration and Planning has 3 significant stages for all students. Within those 3 stages are meaningful interactions with teachers, guardians, mentors, and industry experts. This session will dive into the important steps of career explorations including career assessments with special education students, career exploration through filters including workplace values, interests, education, and mentorship/industry connections to meet and prepare students for postsecondary plans.

Level: Intermediate

10. Do your students want to go to college but don’t have the skills, yet….Aralia

Presenters: Jill Thomas (Transition Program Coordinator); Julie Mlagan (Transition Coordinator); Randi Rae Jensen (Transition Specialist)

College Connect is a partnership among four school districts to assist students with IEPs in their transition to a college environment to meet their career goals. Students develop the skills of self-advocacy and self-determination needed to be successful. The focus of CC is to maximize earning potential while having the opportunity to earn college credits. We will share a historical perspective of how we started this program including funding, data, successes, and challenges along the way.

Level: Intermediate

11. Successful CTE with the PTP!Guava

Presenters: Jenny Jacobs (Technical Assistance Specialist); Pam Jenson (Technical Assistance Coordinator); Shelley Lehman (Technical Assistance Specialist)

This session is being offered to provide a basic overview of the Postsecondary Transition Plan (PTP) and how to incorporate CTE into the student’s transition plan. Why it’s important and how to collaborate with outside agencies will be discussed. The intention is to connect underserved students to career and life readiness opportunities that build a platform for a better future.

Level: Beginner

12. Foster Success: Helping Youth in Foster Care Achieve Academic Success Tamboti

Presenter: Brandi Berry (School Psychologist-Senior)

Youth in foster care are significantly less likely than their peers to achieve academic success. Currently, only approximately 50% of youth in foster care will graduate from high school and only 2% will obtain a Bachelor’s degree or higher. In this session, factors that undermine foster youths’ academic success will be discussed and strategies for providing foster youth the emotional, academic, and financial supports they require will be presented.

Level: Beginner

11:20 am - 12:10 pm

13. Reverse Job Fair: How to Create Your Own EventAloeswood

Presenters: Erin Strong (Special Education Teacher); Jenna Veenis (Work Coordinator and Special Education Teacher); Stacy Triplat (SLP/Autism Resource)

We will walk you through the details of how to prepare, set up, and host your event. Flip the table for students to showcase workplace readiness and employability skills by creating a visual resume. The goal of this event is for students to practice conversing about their work skills and abilities in a comfortable environment with business professionals. The event has led to partnerships, networking, and work opportunities for our students. Come learn how to create this in your community.

Level: Beginner

14. Success for All and How We Get ThereAralia

Presenters: Gina Mitchell (President); Sam Mitchell (Executive Director)

Sam has autism and his mission is to take the stigma off of autism and show people that he is not broken. Topics that would come up in this talk are success stories, motivation, kindness, inclusion, and acceptance. He will help to understand why including everyone would make the world a better place. He will also talk about how educators should support those on the autism spectrum to foster differentiation, success, and confidence. Sam has a beautiful story that he loves to share.

Level: Beginner

15. Building the Bridge Between Beyond 18 Programming and CTEGuava

Presenters: Jenny Jacobs (TIG Technical Assistance Specialist); Pam Jenson (TIG Technical Assistance Coordinator); Shelley Lehman (TIG Technical Assistance Specialist)

The Beyond Age 18 guidance is designed to help teams create meaningful, individualized transition plans. This guidance is provided to help teams reflect on what supports are needed and where, as well as connecting with outside agencies and braiding services to improve post school outcomes for students. Join us in discussion on how to build robust coursework, develop career based learning opportunities and make connections to the world of work.

Level: Beginner

16. Real-Life Vocational Experience: Student-Managed BusinessesTamboti

Presenters: Heather Ryan (Special Education Teacher); Jessica Schuessler (Special Education Teacher); Maureen Baker (Special Education Teacher); Morgan Spitz (Special Education Teacher)

This informative session will focus on how to develop student-led businesses. We will explore how to start a student managed business from the ground up incorporating real life business practices; from budgeting, shopping for supplies, advertising, customer service, communication skills and more. Presenters will be providing curricular resources that participants can use to begin a classroom business. We will use examples from our current businesses 'Mustang Mornings', and 'MHS Drink Oasis'.

Level: Intermediate

12:15 pm - 12:45 pm

LUNCH/Raffle/ExhibitsSuites A,B,G,H

12:45 pm - 1:15 pm

PanelSuites A,B,G,H

1:20 pm - 2:15 pm

17. The Transition from Children's Long-Term Supports to Adult Long-Term CareAloeswood

Presenters: John Jahnke (IRIS Consultant); Tara Ditter (Supervisor Children’s Long Term Support Waiver, Outagamie County )

Professionals in the Children's Long-Term Supports program and the IRIS program will discuss the similarities and differences between the two programs. Sharing information on what to expect during the transition process and available resources. Information on adult disability determination, employment, community integration, transportation, timelines, expectations, legal decision making and the responsibilities of all parties will be included in the presentation and discussion.

Level: Beginner

18. Putting the Pieces Together: Transition in Action Aralia

Presenters: Alexa Nobis (Community Programs Coordinator ); Alicia Reinhard (Statewide Transition and Graduation Consultant/Education Consultant); Bob Meyer (Competitive Integrated Employment Coordinator); Sarah Kuehn (DVR Program and Policy Analyst )

Join the members of the interagency Competitive Integrated Employment Work Group to learn about the newly updated Transition Action Guide. This session will review the Transition Best Practice Model and promote strategies for collaboration. Participants will have the opportunity to conduct a SWOT analysis to identify improvements their regional transition processes.

Level: Intermediate

19. Creating a Meaningful Summary of Performance (SoP) with a Work FocusGuava

Presenters: Jenny Jacobs (TIG Technical Assistance Specialist); Shelley Lehman (Technical Assistance Specialist TIG)

A SoP is required when a student is exiting a district. A public agency must provide the child with a summary of the student's academic achievement and functional performance, which shall include recommendations on how to assist the student in meeting the student's measurable postsecondary goals. Learn how to write a best practice SoP for students who are planning to go directly into the world of work and how this document can assist students in sharing info as they connect to adult resources.

Level: Beginner