Special Education Conference 2024 Special Education Conference 2024

Date: November 14-15, 2024
Location: Kalahari Resort and Convention Center, Wisconsin Dells, WI

Featured Speakers

Mills Rodgers

Mills "Mr. Rodge" Rodgers is a top speaker on topics related to education equity of diverse populations, leadership/service andpersonal development. He has a passion for working with people, having been an educator for over a decade & an Army medic/mental health specialist. He is also a champion of children with special needs, with his oldest daughter being disabled and having been a special education teacher. He feels it is important to provide insights concerning children and adults with disabilities.

Kate Swenson

Kate Swenson, founder of Finding Cooper’s Voice, launched her website in November of 2014 in secret from her living room. She knew something was different about her son. She knew she was sad and confused and that it was a lot harder than it should be. She also knew she didn’t want anyone else to ever feel this alone in their feelings. She searched for a safe space, both online and in person, and couldn’t find one. So, she created one.  Her writing speaks to the secret world of autism, the day-to-day wins and struggles and the joy that comes from it. 

She has been called honest, polarizing, raw, and gritty and her relationship with her son has been described as breathtaking. She has created a safe place for families of children with disabilities to come together and share the unique joys and struggles that make up their lives. She publishes daily content written by special needs parents along with her own writing and videos.